The mufti of Moscow welcomes the initiative of deputies on the problem of cohabitation

© RIA Novosti / Taisiya to Torontovisit in fotobanka familyThe mufti of Moscow welcomes the initiative of deputies on the problem of cohabitation© RIA Novosti / Taisiya to Torontovisit the image Bank

The idea is to equate the five-year cohabitation men and women to formal marriage – a step towards overcoming the problem of unregistered cohabitation, but the decision must take into account the moral values and traditions of Russia, said RIA Novosti, the mufti of Moscow and the Public chamber member Albir Krganov.

In the state Duma on Monday a bill was introduced which proposes to amend the Family code to introduce the concept of «de facto relationship». Under the bill, unregistered relationship men and women are equal to official marriage after five years of living together couples with all the legal consequences; in case of birth after two years of living together.

«This bill should be possible to discuss in public. Each of us heard that many people live for years in an informal civil ceremony. Today in Russia really there is this problem. With this need to do something. As for the religious point of view, Islam has its own marriage as in other faiths. Before God they are considered to be legal marriage,» — said Krganov.

He noted that in Russia there are representatives of different religions and atheists, and we all have different views on marriage, so «there should be established some kind of order.» «It often happens that people live together, then diverge begins the division of property, but the legislation pertaining to official marriages, to use the already impossible», — said the mufti.

«At the same time, in the discussion of the bill deputies have to pay attention to universal moral values and traditions in Russia. Then you need to make the laws,» he said.