The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine since the beginning of the year decreased 1.3 times

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Mazurkevicha in fotobanka compressor station Ukrtransgaz. Archival photoThe transit of Russian gas through Ukraine since the beginning of the year decreased 1.3 times© RIA Novosti / Alexander Mazurkevicha the image Bank

«Gazprom» on January 20, reduced the transit of gas through Ukraine to Europe in 1.3 times in comparison with the same period in 2017, according to the data of «Gazprom» and «Ukrtransgaz».

1 on January 20, Gazprom delivered via Ukraine to Europe 4.3 billion cubic meters of gas, according to the materials of «Gazprom». In 2017, during this period Gazprom supplied via Ukraine to Europe to 5.9 billion cubic meters of gas.

Exports began to decline in early January, from the data. Compared to the same period in December 2017 shipments through Ukraine has decreased in 1,2 times.

While gas supplies to Europe by other export destinations — the gas pipeline «Nord stream» «Yamal-Europe» — remain at a consistently high level. So, from 1 to 20 January on the «Nord stream» and «Yamal-Europe» was delivered 5.8 billion cubic meters of gas, which corresponds to the supply in the accounting period in January 2017. Overall gas exports to Europe (excluding deliveries of gas to Turkey via the Blue stream) with 1 to 20 January decreased by 14% compared to the same period of the previous year to 10.1 billion cubic meters.

In January of last year «Gazprom» has reported on the historical daily records of deliveries of gas to Europe — exports reached volumes in 636,4 million cubic meters of gas. The reduction in gas supplies this year led warm compared to the last winter weather in Europe, said the Deputy General Director for gas projects of national energy security Fund Alexei Grivach. «And because the Ukrainian route is the most expensive for Gazprom to transport it is reduced following the orders of the users. But other routes are loaded to the maximum,» he said.

«Gazprom» in 2017, increased gas export to far abroad by 8.1% compared with the year 2016 — to for 193.9 billion cubic meters.