The us Senate has postponed a vote on a temporary budget

© Fotolia / W. ScottЗдание the U.S. Senate in Washington. Archival photoThe us Senate has postponed a vote on a temporary budget© Fotolia / W. Scott

The U.S. Senate has postponed a vote on a three-week interim budget on Monday afternoon (20.00 MSK), which means the extension of the pause in the work of the government («shutdown»).

Originally it was planned that the senators will consider this issue on Monday night (in the morning Moscow time).

The leaders of the Republicans and Democrats Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer continue budget negotiations. According to Sumer, while the progress in the dialogue there.

In turn, the coordinator of the faction of Republicans John kornyn on a question of journalists, whether to continue the «shutdown» on Monday, answered in the affirmative.

The Federal government has ceased to perform a number of functions Saturday because of lack of budget. Republicans and Democrats in the Senate can’t agree on a number of parameters, including measures of immigration. Since the beginning of the fiscal year October 1, three times already taken the provisional budgets for a limited period, but the differences did not allow to conclude the negotiations on time.

«Closing» of the Federal government — a rare but not unprecedented phenomenon in the United States. The last time this happened in the fall of 2013 and then caused damage to the popularity of both parties in Congress. As in 2013, Republicans and Democrats blame the crisis on each other.