Three Russians entered the list of the most promising men of Europe, to 30 years

© Depositphotos / nito103Бизнесмен. Archival photoThree Russians entered the list of the most promising men of Europe, to 30 years© Depositphotos / nito103

Three Russians entered in the annual list of the most promising men of Europe, to 30 years, which amounted to Forbes magazine, said the publication.

The rating, which presents 30 of the most promising in Europe, businessmen and inventors, startups and scientists, athletes and artists, journalists and retailers under the age of 30 published for the third time. In each of the 10 categories are presented for 30 participants. Thus, the list of 2018 included more than 300 participants from a record number of European countries — 34. For the first time appeared in the list of young talents from Belarus.

Russians in the list were three, while they do their business outside Russia. So, one of the 30 outstanding innovators under the age of 30 years in Finance, got Russian Denis Fedoryaev is one of the founders of Blazar Capital, which helps entrepreneurs launch new businesses.

Among the young innovators who are «changing our understanding of the tropics», was born in Moscow on 28-year-old Gulnaz Khusainova and her acting in the Danish company Easysize. In 2014, startup Easysize is among seven of the most interesting young companies in Russia, founded by women, according to the Russian Forbes Woman. Currently Easysize helps to reduce the number of returns of clothing by 35-40% saving online shopping up to 5-7% of their revenue.

Among the 30 young European entrepreneurs who create trends in culture and art, Forbes magazine named Russian Tatiana Kozhevnikov. 28-the summer Kozhevnikov founded in London shop, making men’s bespoke suits London Artefact.