All mosques and churches in Tajikistan will report on income and property

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All religious institutions in Tajikistan are required to report on their assets and sources of income, the relevant amendment to the law «On freedom of conscience and religious associations of Tajikistan» published Tuesday in the government press.

According to the amendment to the law on the proposal of the government of Tajikistan and entered into force on 22 January, «religious associations and mosques, churches and synagogues must report sources of income, assets, use of funds and property, as well as on wages and paid taxes.»

In Tajikistan all the mosques, six churches and the country’s only synagogue exist due to the donations of the faithful. Imam-hatibi (priors) mosques also receive remuneration from the congregation for participation in the ceremonies of the circumcision of boys, the blessing of children after birth, the ceremony of the Muslim marriage and funeral prayers at the funeral.

Since 2014 Imam-hatibi Catholic and Friday mosques (265 people), along with civil servants receive salaries from the state budget. For example, the official salary of the Chairman of the Ulema Council of Tajikistan mufti of Sadacharam of Abdukadirova is 2 thousand somoni (over $ 220), Imam-hatibi Cathedral mosques receive on 1,5 thousand somoni ($170), and the imams of Friday mosques 800 somoni (about $ 90). Other members of the clergy and other faiths wages are not supposed to.