At the airport Hanover fought the Kurds and Erdogan’s allies

© REUTERS / Ayfer Amara/Frauenrat Ronahi and Nav-Dem HannoverДрака at the airport Hannover-Langenhagen, Germany. 22 January 2018At the airport Hanover fought the Kurds and Erdogan’s allies© REUTERS / Ayfer Amara/Frauenrat Ronahi and Nav-Dem Hannover

At the airport Hanover-Langenhagen in Germany to fight Kurdish protesters and Turkish passengers, two people received minor injuries, said local police.

The fight occurred the night before at terminal B. the Kurds there staged a spontaneous demonstration against the military action of Turkey in Syria.

According to the newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine, they shouted accusations against the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

In response, the Turkish passengers who were waiting for the flight to Istanbul, attacked them.

According to preliminary data, there was about 180 people. The police had to use pepper gas against twenty participants of the fight to bring the situation under control.

Security forces began an investigation.

Flight to Istanbul, which was supposed to depart at 17:30 local time (19:30 GMT), had to be postponed for more than half an hour.

The twentieth of January, Ankara launched the operation «Olive branch» against Kurdish militias in the Syrian city of Afrin. The allies of Turkey were fighters of the «Syrian free army». Damascus condemned the Turkish invasion and accused Ankara of supporting terrorists.

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