Culture Ministry asked to suspend the release of the film «Death of Stalin»

© Free Range Films (2017)scene from the movie Death of StalinCulture Ministry asked to suspend the release of the film «Death of Stalin»© Free Range Films (2017)

Public figures together with the public Council under the Ministry of culture will send a letter to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky with a request to suspend the distribution licences of the film «Death of Stalin» Armando’s Iannucci for a more thorough analysis of the painting for compliance with the Russian legislation, told RIA Novosti the Chairman of the public Council Yuri Polyakov.

He explained that on January 22, the public Council members, Directors, members of Parliament saw the movie «Death of Stalin», which is out in cinemas on January 25. «Everything was discussed in one key, not one person spoke in support of the film… It’s actually the ideological struggle against our country. We started to think how to minimize the effect of this film. As far as I know, is preparing a letter to the Ministry of culture with a request to suspend the rental license. Then, I think, will also appeal to the court,» — said Polyakov.

He explained that the effect of the distribution certificate you want to suspend again to re-check the film for compliance with the law.

The film distributor of the film company «Volga» has confirmed to RIA Novosti that on January 17, got a rental license on January 25 and no claims by the Ministry were made.