In the Russian Orthodox Church spoke about the annual International Christmas readings

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in Photobacterium during the service. Archival photoIn the Russian Orthodox Church spoke about the annual International Christmas readings© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

The oldest educational forum of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) — the International Christmas readings this year will be the twenty-sixth time, he will gather six million members across Russia, said Tuesday at a press conference in Moscow, Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate for religious education and catechesis (Oroc) Metropolitan Merkury of Rostov and Novocherkassk.

«Not every social and religious forum can boast such a history. He is twenty-six years old and is not fading. This year we will work in 18 areas, scheduled 190 events. We are constantly being asked to reduce their number, because it is impossible to catch everything,» said the Metropolitan.

Just Christmas readings across the country will participate six million people, 15 thousand of them will gather in Moscow at the final stage, from 24 to 26 January. Among the main venues of the forum, the Metropolitan called the State Duma, the Public chamber of the temple of Christ the Savior, Moscow state University named after Lomonosov.

«Three hundred universities send their representatives to participate. Read grow, interest in them increases,» — said the head of Orok.

According to the Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda, the theme of the readings this year, devoted to moral values in the future of humanity, not chosen by chance.

«The word «morality» today we have spoken often, and it is slightly devalued. What is going to speak in the Church? That morality is our experience of two terrible tragedies at schools of Perm and Buryatia, for example. The theme that we take is directly related to how we should educate yourself first so this does not happen again», — he said.

Legoyda said that the real morality, in his understanding – «it is the officials who do not steal, children who are not trying anyone to injure, the families that break down, socially responsible business and the ability themselves to take out the trash out of the house without attracting the press».