Pence concluded his visit to Israel with a visit to the wailing Wall

© AFP 2018 / Risto BozovicВице-President Mike Pence. Archival photoPence concluded his visit to Israel with a visit to the wailing Wall© AFP 2018 / Risto Bozovic

Vice-President Mike Pence concluded a two-day visit to Israel visit the wailing Wall — the main Shrine of Judaism, is located in the historical center of Jerusalem.

Hiking he went unaccompanied by Israeli leaders. Also received in may the US President Donald trump. Then it was explained by the unresolved status of the Old city and sensitivity problems for the Arab-Muslim world.

Covering the head with a stack, Pence talked with the rabbis, put a note between the stones that remained from the destroyed ancient Jewish temples, and stood in silence, attach to the wall arm. The square Shrine at the time of the visit was cleared of visitors and closed fabric screens.

Assistants Pence, which refers to the Agency «associated Press», saying that the visit is «private» the same as it was in may, when the first trump of the existing American leaders came to the Western Wall.

The old city with the Holy sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is in that part of Jerusalem that the world community refer to the disputed territories, and the Palestinians want to see the capital of their own state. Israel considers the entire city, including areas occupied half a century ago, and later annexed, to be its «United and indivisible» capital.

Announcing in December on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the United States emphasize that the Declaration in no way prejudge the decision on the boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in the city. Trump nevertheless said he could not imagine a situation in which the Western Wall was not part of the Jewish state.

Earlier on Tuesday, the last day of his visit to Israel and the entire middle East tour, Pence held talks with President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu honored the memory of six million Holocaust victims by visiting the memorial complex «Yad Vashem» in Jerusalem.