Priest: Holy — not pagan idols with the «professional orientation»

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Will start with the second part of the question. In respect of «specialization» saints we must maintain a sober mind. Of course, the saints are not pagan idols with a professional orientation. In this sense, the orientation to dental disease, liver disease, solution of specific domestic issues there is a vestige of the magical consciousness.

On the other hand, St. Philaret of Moscow in one of his letters testifies that the saints have a «pre-emptive grace» to help in those circumstances of life which had accomplished their feat.

For example, the Saint, endures the struggle for the virtue of purity and chastity, or preserved them in your life, of course, convenient for him to go to those who lead the battle for the preservation of these good qualities in your life. A Saint who was a healer in his earthly life, not be deprived of this grace and heavenly glory. One who combined a deep faith with an external education, it is natural to pray to a man who himself is not stranger to learning.

In relation to the Martyr Tatiana note the fact that of its fairly short life clearly should be, above all, that she, first, was a virgin, a girl, secondly that she was a Deaconess, that is, in the current words, carried a social service for those who are difficult, who are in prisons, in hospitals, in the difficult circumstances of life. And third, that she joined the verbal testimony of the Christianity with the most important – evidence of life.

So, I think, for the student generation of the intelligentsia above all, it is important. Not solving specific problems with the test and exam, and the prayer of Saint Tatiana, so that, contrary to the spirit of the time, not to succumb to temptations of the flesh, not to turn their belief in the «blah-blah-blah» about Christianity, but to prove life that you’re a Christian, and in the student’s environment. And to remember that we owe our lives to testify and those who may not be endowed with such gifts of mind and education, but who are hard and cold in this world.