Scientists told about the harmful impact of sugar on blood vessels

© Fotolia / rogerphotoScientists told about the harmful impact of sugar on blood vessels© Fotolia / rogerphoto

Excessive consumption of sugar affects the circulatory system and can lead to malfunction of internal organs. To such conclusion came the nutritionists from the University of Copenhagen, their work is published The Copenhagen Post.

The study involved men who every day for two weeks ate 225 grams of sugar. At the beginning and at the end of the experiment, doctors measured the volunteers blood supply of the legs.

The results showed that the blood flow in the limb decreased by 17%. The nutritionists believe that insufficient blood flow also suffer from important internal organs like the brain and heart.

Doctors stress that it is important to monitor what people eat and drink. «Half a liter of coke from time to time will not cause you any harm if you eat healthy foods and have a balanced diet,» says study co-author Yulva, Hellsten.

«However, if you abuse sugar, as our test subjects for 14 days, your circulation will correspond to what we observe in some men over the age of 65 years,» said the Professor.