The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Norway: the Arctic countries do not see Russia as a military threat

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in photobacteria soldiers. Archival photoThe Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Norway: the Arctic countries do not see Russia as a military threat© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The Arctic region countries do not consider Russia as a military threat and understand the legitimacy of Russia’s investment in the development of Arctic infrastructure as military targets to be used in particular for civilian purposes, reported RIA Novosti, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in Norway Teimuraz Ramishvili on the sidelines of the international conference «Arctic frontiers».

International conference «Arctic frontiers» was opened in tromsø for the 12th time, it involved more than three thousand people from about 35 countries. This year the conference motto is «Uniting the Arctic.»

Speaking at the conference on Monday, MP of the European Parliament former foreign Minister of Estonia Urmas Paet has expressed opinion that Russia is the militarization of the Arctic, restoring military bases and across the Northern border. According to him, Russia would theoretically pose a threat to other States. However, his opinion did not support the policy, particularly from Norway and Sweden.

«Countries that have not set up a constructive way, who have no economic interests in relations with the us, in particular, the Baltic countries, they are perceived through the prism of invented stereotype threats. But those don’t exist it’s nice to know that the major countries that are in the Arctic region, understand the interest and the legitimacy of our investments. Russia is welcomed as a responsible Arctic countries and in cooperation with all interested countries of the Arctic region,» said Ramishvili.

According to the diplomat, after several years of inactivity of Russia in the Arctic could give the impression that Russia in this region. And now that economic opportunities allow you to restore infrastructure in the North, some politicians it may come as no surprise.

«Any activity – the restoration or conversion of old airfields that were used for decades – is seen as something that something has to be done again. Actually no, I just came for financial opportunities, understanding the economic benefits from use of Russia’s transportation hubs, not to mention the Northern sea route» — said the diplomat.

He noted that all the recoverable airports and ports will be used for many purposes, including in the military, but first and foremost — to assist in the rescue at sea. «The recent tragedy in Svalbard (crash of MI-8 helicopter with eight Russians on Board) confirmed – near Svalbard no rescue bases, ports, which could quickly come to the rescue,» — said the Ambassador.

In his view, the rescue operation on Svalbard was an example of very good cooperation. «Many observers both in Norway and in Russia was surprised by this, it was an example that could only take place between a very friendly neighbouring countries. This suggests that the potential is huge and that the current unhealthy situation – sanctions, restrictions of high-level contacts between the special services, services involved in rescue at sea is to the detriment of all» — said Ramishvili.