The number of poisoned children in a kindergarten in Ulyanovsk has increased to 12

© Fotolia / dmitrimarutaДетский garden. Archival photoThe number of poisoned children in a kindergarten in Ulyanovsk has increased to 12© Fotolia / dmitrimaruta

The investigation examines the fact of mass disease of children with gastroenteritis in kindergarten «Berry» in Ulyanovsk, where, according to updated figures, was ill for 12 inmates; the institution is closed on quarantine, according to the regional Department of the RF IC.

Earlier in Prosecutor’s office of the region said that the Agency initiated an inspection in kindergarten, «Berry» due to the fact that 11 of his pupils aged 2 to 6 years from 19 to 22 January, the doctors made a preliminary diagnosis of «gastroenteritis.» According to Rospotrebnadzor, cases of acute intestinal infection children receiving treatment in clinics at the place of residence, and the kindergarten held an unscheduled inspection.

«Previously it is established that in the period from 18 to 22 January, 12 students indicated the children’s institutions sought medical attention with similar symptoms. Pre-children diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Minors are treated at the place of residence… In kindergarten imposed quarantine, carried out disinfection measures,» — said in the message.

Now conducted verification measures, the samples of the swabs, water, food, appointed the necessary expert studies. By results of check, which is under the control of the head of the regional SUCK, will be a procedural decision, the Ministry noted.