The premiere of the film «Death of Stalin» can move

© Free Range Films (2017)scene from the movie Death of Stalin. Archival photoThe premiere of the film «Death of Stalin» can move© Free Range Films (2017)

Public Council under the Ministry of culture asks the head of Department Vladimir Medina to suspend the distribution licences of the film «Death of Stalin».

As stated by the Chairman of the Board Yuri Polyakov, public figures, filmmakers, members of Parliament saw the film. According to him, not one person spoke in support of the film.

«This is actually ideological struggle against our country. We started to think how to minimize the effect of this film,» — said Polyakov.

He noted that after the letter in Ministry of culture, followed by an appeal to the court.

The poles explained that the effect of the distribution certificate you want to suspend again to re-check the film for compliance with the law.

In turn, the distributors of the picture — the company «Volga» — RIA Novosti has confirmed that on January 17, received the certificate on January 25, and no claim by the Ministry was not.

Part of the information war

Press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov said, how in the Kremlin the initiative of the Ministry of culture to postpone the premiere of the film in the summer in order to not fell on the 75th anniversary of the victory in the battle of Stalingrad.

According to him, the Kremlin know nothing about the painting «Death of Stalin» and the reasons for the possible delay.

He noted that such decisions about the release date in theaters, taking culture.

In turn, the Communist party spoke strongly about the picture. According to the Chairman of the Communist party Yuri Afonin, a screening of the film «Death of Stalin» not only postpone, but not deny.

In his view, painting is part of the information war against Russia.

«I don’t really understand why do we show this film, which clearly creates a negative attitude to the past of our country,» he said.

The politician believes that in this tape show through Sovietism and Russophobia.

«I don’t really imagine that in the same Germany or the United States came out in wide release Russian film, talking about some historical moments… in our interpretation,» concluded Afonin.

Earlier, the head of the press service of the party, Alexander Yushchenko called the film «an abomination» and expressed hope that the Ministry of culture will not allow her release.

And the Secretary of the party Central Committee Sergei Obukhov said that the film is «another form of psychological war against our country» so as «to discredit the leaders of the country, and especially the Supreme commander in the great Patriotic war and downplaying the role of Russia in global Affairs».

About Comedy

Satirical Comedy Armando’s Iannucci should leave in hire in Russia on January 25. It was filmed on the novel Nuri Fabien and Thierry Robin. Starring Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Rupert Friend and Olga Kurylenko.

The Premier was held in September at the Toronto film festival. In the world, the film «Death of Stalin», was released on 20 October.

The film tells about the struggle for power among the members of the Soviet party leadership after the death of Joseph Stalin.