Trump has imposed duties on U.S. imports of solar panels and washing machines

© AFP 2018 / Mandel NganПрезидент the United States Donald trump. Archival photoTrump has imposed duties on U.S. imports of solar panels and washing machines© 2018 AFP / Mandel Ngan

US President, Donald trump has decided to impose duties on imports of solar panels and washing machines, said the office of the U.S. trade representative with the rank of Minister Robert Leitheiser.

Under the additional import duties to get the washing machine home use, as well as solar cells and solar modules.

The US government came to the conclusion that in 2012-2016 import of washing machines in the United States rose sharply, which caused major losses for local producers. In particular, a local company Whirlpool complained of dumping by Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung, but that has led to the relocation of production to China and then to Thailand and Vietnam. LG and Samsung, to defend against possible fees, announced in 2017 on the construction of large factories in the us States of South Carolina and Tennessee. Now for washing machines entered the net of additional fees: in the first year of the exporter in the United States will have to pay a fee of 20% for the first 1.2 million cars and 50% for what exceeds this figure.

Likewise, American manufacturers are suffering from dumping by Chinese producers of solar panels, says USTR. China already produces 60% of the solar cells and 71% of solar modules. From 2012 to 2016, the imports in the US increased by 500%, and prices fell sharply — by about 60%, which forced the American companies to stop production in the USA. According to the decision of trump, the import duty will be 30% in the first year, 25% second, 20% in the third year. United States in the past have imposed prohibitive duties for Chinese products, but manufacturers from China only moved the production to third countries and continued to dump on the us market, says USTR.

Protection of American manufacturers was one of the key campaign promises of President Donald trump.