«Wave of health» will be held on the black sea coast

© Fotolia / romasetМедицинская laboratory. Archival photo«Wave of health» will be held on the black sea coast© Fotolia / romaset

Action «health Wave» in 2018 will be held along the black sea coast, said the chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of health, Director, center of cardiovascular surgery named after Bakulev Leo Bokeria, at the meeting of the Presidium of the League of nation’s health.

«I offered to hold the action in the Crimea. Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) has offered to make it wider, along the black sea coast,» — said Bokeria.

As noted at the meeting, Vice-President of the League Victor Anyhow, in the action it is planned to use the ship «Prince Vladimir».

«Weekly departs from Sochi with visiting Novorossiysk, Yalta, Sevastopol and returned in Sochi. As planned the event in Sebastopol, we decided to… during the stay to make the bus route to Simferopol»,- said Anyhow.

«Health wave» is a boat tour with a team of doctors and high-tech diagnostic equipment from the leading medical centers in the country. The action consists of medical, educational, and promotional pieces. A survey of children on modern medical equipment by the best specialists of leading national specialized centers and clinics — the health component shares. Organization of consultations and training seminars for professionals and education. Festivals, concerts, shows and sporting events for the population — propaganda.