Attacked police officers in Belgium was a refugee from Afghanistan

© AP Photo / Olivier MatthysСотрудник law enforcement bodies of Belgium. Archival photoAttacked police officers in Belgium was a refugee from Afghanistan© AP Photo / Olivier Matthys

The attack on the police station in Ghent, Belgium made 28-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, said Wednesday RIA Novosti news Agency in office of public Prosecutor of the city.

The guards on Tuesday opened fire on a man suddenly attacked them with a knife. The attacker was operated on, his life is out of danger. The motive of the actions of men is not yet known.

«The assailant has been identified. Is a refugee from Afghanistan, 28. He has mental problems, the data that he had undergone radicalization, no. An investigation is underway», — said the Agency interlocutor.

The attack occurred on the day following the lowering of the level of terrorist threat in the country. Centre for analysis of threats of the interior Ministry of Belgium on Monday reduced the level of terrorist threat in the territory of a third Kingdom (the»possible and probable» threat) to the second level («unlikely» threat).

The third level of the terrorist threat were in effect in Belgium on 24 March 2016. Maximum, the fourth level of threat was introduced in the day of the attacks at the airport and the metro of Brussels on 22 March, and two days later was downgraded to level three.