Dvorkovich told what purpose the U.S. is using anti-Russian sanctions

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The main goal of U.S. sanctions is not to punish Russia, and to obtain competitive advantage in Europe, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who heads the official government delegation at the world economic forum in Davos (Switzerland).

«Unfortunately, the goal of the sanctions, which apply to the US, not only to punish Russia, or to send a signal to Russia, and to compete in Europe and other countries. Sanctions definitely are used for these purposes,» — said Dvorkovich, speaking at the Davos session of the Strategic Outlook: Russia.

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated in 2014 due to the situation in Ukraine and around the Crimea. The West is accusing Russia of meddling, have imposed sanctions, Moscow responded, took a course on import substitution and has repeatedly said that talking with her in language of sanctions counterproductive.

The President of the United States Donald trump in August 2017 signed a document on the extension of sectoral sanctions against the Russian economy. Thus the sanctions, which previously in the form of Executive orders were imposed against Russia by President Barack Obama, became law. The document also provides that in late January — early February, the US Congress will discuss a new package of restrictive measures against Russia.

The world economic forum held in Davos from 23 to 26 January. During all days of the forum in Davos will be to work the official Russian residence, «Russian house», which will bring together leaders of the business community, well-known politicians, economists, and scientists and representatives of creative professions.Dvorkovich told what purpose the U.S. is using anti-Russian sanctions© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia against Russia and international trade