Ex-official in the Obama administration wants to buy the Weinstein company, media reported

© AP Photo / Invision/Vince Bucci Producer Harvey Weinstein. Archival photoEx-official in the Obama administration wants to buy the Weinstein company, media reported© AP Photo / Invision/Vince Bucci

The group of companies headed by ex-official in the Obama administration is negotiating the purchase owned by the infamous Harvey Weinstein, the company said the publication Deadline, citing its sources.

According to sources, the former head of Management on Affairs of small business Maria Conteras-Svit has put forward a preliminary proposal for the purchase of the firm Weinstein. Most of the items of the contract have been agreed. It is expected that the transaction will be concluded in the next 7-10 days. Its cost is estimated approximately in 500 million dollars.

Reportedly, the new company will acquire the Weinstein Co, which will change the logo and name, and its Board of Directors will be headed by a woman. Among groups of buyers the sources referred to such companies as Burkle’Yucaipa Ron’s Enterprises, Lantern Capital, beIN, Lionsgate, and Killer Content.

Purchase Weinstein Co was interested in about 20 companies, but only offer Conteras-Suite did not contain a clause on the bankruptcy of the company by the infamous producer.

In October in the U.S. a number of Actresses, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, after which he was fired from he founded the company and excluded from a range of professional communities.