In Kazan started the all-Russian forum of student clubs «Together forward!»

© RIA Novosti / Taras Litvinenkos youth forum. Archival photoIn Kazan started the all-Russian forum of student clubs «Together forward!»© RIA Novosti / Taras Litvinenko

Today in Kazan began a two-day national education forum student clubs «Together forward!», which are the 5 thousand students from 38 regions of Russia.

During the event, young people have the opportunity to share experiences and to use the acquired skills for the development of their University. Discussions take place in six areas: sports, creativity, patriotism and inter-ethnic relations, science and intelligence, IT and e-sports media and news media.

Dialogue on an equal footing

«Across the Board in the morning already passed the working group. Each of them was about 80 people. The guys tried to identify the main problems, find their solutions, see,» he said in an interview with RIA Novosti coordinator of the St. Petersburg League of student clubs Roman Sorokin.

In addition, the forum held a series of meetings in the format of «dialogue on an equal footing», where the students were able to ask questions and discuss the most important topics with the relevant experts.

«We had a meeting with Maxim Bobkova. He is so advanced in many directions that after his words you do not want to sit still, and I want to go, to evolve. Very motivating was the lecture,» — said RIA Novosti participant of the creative student club «ARCHICREW»(Nizhny Novgorod region) Alena Lebedeva.

For the future

For students, the forum became not only a place where you can socialize with peers and stars from different fields but also platform solutions to important challenges facing their associations.

«The event is held in order to understand the orientations of youth and realize all there if we want. While in the city, often very difficult to understand what is happening outside. This often hinders the development of student clubs, including ours,» — said in a conversation with RIA Novosti coordinator of the Sverdlovsk League student clubs Olga Stepchenko.

According to her, thanks to discussions with other participants from her region, it was possible to allocate the basic needs of youth and student organizations: main trends in the development of the students in the next five years, the possibility of realization of student projects at the Federal level. All these issues will be included in the agenda of the second day of the forum.

«In my opinion, this event will make it clear that in fact students are the future, and it is in the format of a large Federal project. Because of this, students will be able to implement their initiatives in the right direction, useful for the country and for themselves,» says Olga.

Common cause

In turn, coordinator of the Moscow student League clubs Anton Horn sees a larger task facing the participants of the forum.

«Might be a strong word, but today it is the global student club event in Russia. I hope that in the future it will help us to organize the work across the country, maybe to create a national grid of student clubs,» he said in comments to RIA Novosti.

The participants of the forum will be another day full of heated discussions and meetings with interesting experts, day of General discussion of projects and ways to implement them not only in their city or region, but also at the Federal level.

The forum organizers also said that the planned introduction of participants in social movement of the Putin Team, created to support President Vladimir Putin.

«I hope that the forum will serve as an excellent platform for interaction between young people, finding solutions to tasks that could not find for a long time, a platform for associations and linkages between children at a greater level,» said Roman Sorokin.