In Toronto arrested the shooter at passers-by man

© Flickr / CDP Photography CanadaКанадская police car. Archival photoIn Toronto arrested the shooter at passers-by man© Flickr / CDP Photography Canada

The canadian Toronto police arrested 20-year-old man, who, presumably, during the month randomly opened fire on bystanders, reports channel CBC.

According to the police, from 9 to 21 January resident of the city of Brampton Adam Abdi in different circumstances came to the people, opened fire on him and then disappeared from the scene.

«To go out and shoot people for a very short period of time… it is inconceivable,» said police spokesman Ron Taverner.

It is reported that a young man can be indicted on 48 counts, including seven charges of attempted murder. According to police, he wounded two of the seven people, whom opened fire.