In Tula have established a memorial plaque to Vysotsky

© RIA Novosti / Valery Plotnikova in fotomancer and poet Vladimir Vysotsky. archival photoIn Tula have established a memorial plaque to Vysotsky© RIA Novosti / Valery Plotnikova the image Bank

Bronze memorial plaque to Vladimir Vysotsky on the eve of his 80th birthday solemnly installed on the wall of the House of culture engineering plant in Tula, on which stage he performed in 1966, said the electoral Commission of the region.

«On the necessity of perpetuating of memory of the poet, asked the poet’s admirers club «Horizon», which exists in Tula 30 years. Their initiative was supported by the electoral Commission of the Tula region, which appealed to the Tula city Duma», — is spoken in the message.

The event was attended by around hundreds of admirers of creativity of Vysotsky. The sound of the song «I love you» was unveiled a bronze memorial plaque.

In Tula there was a plaque to Vladimir Vysotsky

It was installed on the Palace Tulamashzavod

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«In Tula people love and remember Vysotsky. We all relate to it in their own way, but no one is indifferent. We remember his poems know his role. He loved life, he loved women. His attitude to life he once expressed in the verses «I love you». Honestly and hard», — said the Chairman of regional election Committee Sergey Kostenko.

The Director of the plant Evgeny Dronov, a long — time admirer of creativity of Vysotsky. According to him, the poet brings together people of different generations.

«Vysotsky visited in Tula, as it turned out, he connected with the Tula region family ties. His grandfather from the mother side of the mother of God of the County. He was a true and simple man, who was singing about what we close and clear. And so we remember and will always remember,» — said the drones.