Japan noted the growth of trade with Russia

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The growth of imports from Russia to Japan last year totaled 26.6%, and exports from Japan to the Russian Federation – 21.5%, the data contained in the report of the Ministry of Finance of Japan, which was available to RIA Novosti.

«Exports to Russia amounted to 673,726 billion yen (6,124 billion dollars), the growth was 21.5%. Imports from Russia amounted to 1 trillion 553,848 billion yen (14,125 billion), an increase of 26.6%», — the document says.

While the lion’s share of imports from Russia, or 69,4% – $ 1 trillion 78,878 billion yen – have on the supply of oil and petroleum products, liquefied natural gas and other fossil fuels. Growth in this region amounted to 26%. The growth in the supply of grain from Russia. The absolute figures are small — 6,162 billion yen ($56 million), but growth for the year was significant – by 42.4%.

The main exports from Japan to Russia 56,2% are car — and motorcycle – 378,662 billion yen (3,442 billion), growth amounted to 17.1%, and deliveries of instruments and equipment, their share in total exports to Russia is 18.1%. Export of equipment to Russia amounted to 121,73 billion yen ($1.1 billion), an increase for the year equal to 36%.

All in all, last year the exports from Japan to the countries of the world amounted to 78 trillion 289,675 billion yen (711,72 billion), while imports to Japan – 75 trillion 298,629 billion yen (684,53 billion).