Kuznetsov called for the introduction of the post of psychologist in all Russian schools

© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in fotoballoon under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova. Archival photoKuznetsov called for the introduction of the post of psychologist in all Russian schools© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral the image Bank

Ombudsman for children under the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova believes that after a series of PE in educational institutions of Russia there is a urgent need to introduce the position of psychologist in all schools and streamline measures to block illegal sites, said a unit of Ombudsman for children on Tuesday.

Last week there were two States of emergency in the Russian schools. So, in one of the schools of Perm there was a fight and a stabbing that injured 15 people, including the teacher and the younger students. The suspects were detained. According to preliminary data, one of them consisted on the account in a psychoneurological clinic. Criminal case about attempt at murder of two and more persons.

Last Friday also saw an attack on students of the seventh class of school №5 in the district Sosnovy Bor the city of Ulan-Ude. According to the official information of the RF IC, a pupil of the ninth class was thrown into the study of Russian language and literature a bottle with an incendiary mix, and then attacked the students and the teacher. According to the latest data, injured seven people, including the attacker himself, the teacher and students. A criminal case on grounds of crimes under articles «Attempt at murder of two and more persons committed in respect of minors» and «Negligence».

«According to Anna Kuznetsova, not only in Buryatia, but also in the Russian Federation as a whole is long overdue for the urgent need to introduce the position of psychologists in educational institutions, and also to complement and to undertake serious retraining of existing school psychologists. However, it is necessary to conduct monitoring activities Canisp (commissions on minors ‘Affairs and protection of their rights) and PDN (of divisions on Affairs of minors) with the purpose of identifying deficiencies in preventive work», — stated in the message of office of the Commissioner.

In addition, says children’s Ombudsman, determine the Executive authority, which must «be made responsible for the creation, development and promotion of positive information products», as well as monitoring of the Internet «subject to the availability of information prohibited for distribution to minors, and the adoption of adequate response measures».

«It is also necessary to strengthen measures to combat dissemination of destructive information among minors, involvement of adolescents in the informal criminal community and grouping, to optimise the action of blocking illegal sites, and create and promote an alternative, positive and educational content in the information space — media, Internet, television,» — noted in the message, extended a press-service Kuznetsova.

According to the data contained in the message a press-services Kuznetsova, an analysis of Federal statistics shows that in the 2015-2016 academic year 47% of schools in Russia do not have a staff of teachers-psychologists at all, but in other schools — one psychologist on average, 652 students.

Earlier, a proposal to hold a Ministerial review of the work of psychologists in Russian schools was made by the Senator, the head of the Union of women Russia Catherine Lakhov. In her opinion, the attack on schoolchildren in Buryatia said about the poor performance of school psychologists and student leaders to mediate conflicts among students.