Moskalkova told, when you give the answer to the petition Karaulova pardon

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Commissioner for human rights of the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova has requested the materials of the criminal case sentenced for trying to join terrorist group «Islamic state»* ex-MSU students Alexandra Ivanova (Barbara Karaulova), reported RIA Novosti Moskalkova on the sidelines of the Congress of judges of the Russian Federation.

«I requested all criminal proceedings, to assess the totality of the data. I’m concerned that the verdict does not disclose in full the evidence base, so I decided to read the whole thing, including the data of the preliminary investigation. I was deeply touched by the fate of this young woman, her experiences, experiences of her relatives,» she said.

Moskalkova recalled that he had met with Karaulova in the colony and talked.

«She said she would if she could, to write an appeal to all women who have correspondence with people of this ideology and to warn — do not even notice how you find yourself in a relationship», — said the Ombudsman.

The decision about whether to support her clemency petition, Moskalkova has promised to accept no later than a month and a half.

Earlier, the convicted lawyer has told RIA Novosti that his client turned to Moskalkova with assistance when applying to the Russian President for a pardon.

Varvara Karaulov, later changed his name and became Alexandra Ivanova, was arrested in October 2015 for attempting to join ISIS. Being a second year student of Moscow state University, Karaulova secret from the parents flew to Istanbul, where he was detained with a group of Russians, allegedly attempting to enter Syria, found out the FSB. In March, the Supreme court upheld the 4.5-year sentence Karaulova.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia