Movie premieres of the week: new Haneke and the last part of «the maze Runner»

© Fotolia / Tyler OlsonЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoMovie premieres of the week: new Haneke and the last part of «the maze Runner»© Fotolia / Tyler Olson

Austrian classics new drama by Michael Haneke «happy ending», the final part of the teen franchise «the maze Runner: the death cure» and the French detective «the Girl in the fog» come out in Russian cinemas this week, painting «Death of Stalin» Armando’s Iannucci at the last moment removed from rental, to check it for compliance with the law.

The maze runner: the death cure

One more film after «the Adventures of Paddington-2», which could become a victim of the policy of the Ministry of culture for the protection of national cinema, but still did not. The third part completes the youth dystopia Wes ball. In the final Saga of Thomas is headed by a detachment of the survivors of Gleizerov to fulfill the last and most dangerous mission. For the sake of their friends, they need to get into the legendary Past of the city. Everyone who lives there, will finally get the answers to all the questions which tormented Gleizerov since entering the maze. The film starred Dylan O»Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rosa Salazar, Lee Ki Hong, Dexter Darden, Katherine McNamara.

«Cure for death» cannot overcome his immaturity, but the skill of the film’s growing right in front of you, which leaves hope that the next trilogy will find a worthy place for his talents,» — emphasizes the critic David Ehrlich.

Happy ending

Michael Haneke returns with this drama about a cold not as cold as French bourgeois family that is immersed in their family troubles and seem to be so devoid of feeling that everything that happens inside their home and abroad, they have absolutely no interest. The lack of empathy affected all generations of the family — from the old man, Georges, who is so tired of life that he was ready to kill her himself to 13-year-old eve, ready to drop the attempted suicide of his grandfather on a mobile phone. It is noteworthy that the film is set in the town of Calais in Northern France, which is one of the main hubs for migrants in Europe, but the bourgeoisie, these problems are not at all interested. Critics recognize that it is not the strongest, but still a very worthy work of the classic of European cinema.

Girl in the fog

The detective Donato Carrisi, who filmed his own book, on a cold winter night psychiatrist Augusto Flores in the performance of Jean Reno emergency work to examine the inspector Vogel (Tony Servillo), caught in a strange accident. The inspector does not remember anything at the scene of the accident there was no indication of its cause and its victims, however, Fogel shirt stained with fresh blood, and that blood is not his. During the conversation begins to recover, a chain of incredible events that began a month ago.