Off the coast of Kamchatka storm is preventing the delivery of food to the inhabitants of the commander Islands

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A storm off the coast of Kamchatka prevented to deliver the products to the village of Nikolskoe, Aleutian district, where there is already a shortage of milk, vegetables and fruits, the press service of the regional government.

It is noted that the Kamchatka coast storm raging since the end of last week. Observed waves up to 8-9 meters. Wednesday to the shores of the Peninsula came the next cyclone, which brought heavy rainfall and wind, which in some areas reaches hurricane force.

«Ship «Vasiliy zavoiko» will deliver 50 tons of food to the residents of the village of Nikolskoye. Basic loading operations has been completed — the ship ready to go to commanders as soon as the weather permits», — stated in the message.

Authorities say that the release of the vessel at sea was planned for last week, but adverse weather conditions have made adjustments to the schedule of vessel traffic.

«The prognosis is poor until Sunday inclusive, but the crew ready the ship will be released as soon as the weather is normal. The transition to St. Nicholas will take about 30 hours» — leads the press service quoted Deputy Minister of transport and road construction of Kamchatskiy Krai Mikhail Antipov.

According to regional administration, now in St. Nicholas, there is a necessary stock of basic foodstuffs.

«Extreme boat Nikol came to the end of December, so a basic supply of food in the village is sufficient. Cereals, meat, preservation is for the next 3-4 weeks. Now with the steamer waiting for fruit, vegetables and dairy products,» — said the head of the Aleutian district Svetlana Arnica.

The village of Nikolskoye is located 775 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, one of the commander Islands — Bering island. The village is home to about 670 people.