Scientists spoke of «contagious» obesity

© Fotolia / RuslanshugМальчик overweight. Archival photoScientists spoke of «contagious» obesity© Fotolia / Ruslanshug

Scientists from southern California University have found that in some cases obesity may have signs of infectious disease. Press release published on the website Science Alert.

The specialists studied the information about the families living on military bases in different U.S. States. It clarifies that was based on the statistical data of the project M-TEENS. Just the sample were 1111 adolescents and 1,300 adults.

It was found that the tendency to obesity showed children of those families in which this disease suffered from the older generation. A similar trend was observed at a higher level: a significant number of complaints about the extra weight from the relatives of the soldiers were recorded at those sites where the disease was prevalent among the staff.

Experts, however, clarify that in raising the body mass index is affected by many factors among which not last role is played by Smoking and a hereditary tendency to obesity. However, they emphasize that often the habits of a particular person directly depend on the norms accepted in his social environment.

The researchers proposed a simpler explanation of the high proportion of obesity in military families — easy access to fast food and lack of exercise.