The Bank supported changes in the rules on the use of prepaid cards

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobanka on the building of the Central Bank of Russia. Archival photoThe Bank supported changes in the rules on the use of prepaid cards© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

CBR supports the adoption of the Russian law on the introduction of simplified identification of citizens when withdrawing cash from prepaid credit cards, according to RIA Novosti, the press service of the regulator.

Now in Russia it is possible to withdraw cash with prepaid cards. Prepaid card (prepaid card) does not require opening an account and is issued by the Bank on the client’s identity. These cards are a gift (gift), virtual and instant issuance. Bank as the Issuer determines the limit of a prepaid card, the total amount of funds transferred to Deposit card, must not exceed 40 thousand rubles within a calendar month.

The newspaper «Kommersant» on Wednesday, wrote that the Russian government intends to restrict anonymous electronic payments. According to the newspaper, the Central Bank proposes to introduce a ban on cash withdrawals with e-wallets and prepaid cards, and the Federal financial monitoring service is to allow anonymous wallets and such cards in full, i.e. to introduce a mandatory, albeit simplified identification.

NAPS — electronic means of payment that do not require customer identification when opening e-wallets and pre-paid cards. The method of transfer of funds to them up to 15 thousand rubles is not limited.

«Changes in the bill apply only to transactions for withdrawal of cash from the prepaid cards with carrying out the simplified identification of the client. And it takes into account the opinion of the market. According to the Bank of Russia, this approach does not contradict the design goals of the bill – opposition to dubious transactions with anonymous electronic means of payment», — reported in the Central Bank.

«Question wording changes in this area currently being discussed by the relevant ministries with the participation of Bank of Russia», — said the press service of the regulator.

The struggle with anonymity

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on Finance Anatoly Aksakov said Monday in an interview with RIA Novosti that the anonymous wallets and prepaid cards can be used for money laundering and terrorist financing, but may have restrictions for anonymous electronic payments in Russia should not apply to small payments.

The Deputy reminded that on consideration in the state Duma has adopted on this subject in the first reading a bill that takes into account the requirements of the FATF (FATF, the financial action to combat money laundering). The second reading is expected to be amended to small payments, conditional, up to 5 thousand rubles for simplified identification was not banned in Russia, made it.

«I’m not afraid for myself, I pay anonymously. Importantly, only it was convenient to do so to the appropriate machines, the machines would allow such identification to be done quickly,» — said Aksakov. «We consulted with payment services such as Qiwi, «Yandex.Money.» They are, in principle, agree with this approach. Moreover, the enforcement of our internal documents in compliance with international agreements is a requirement of FATF,» he added.

Chairman of the Board of NP «national payment Council» Alma Obaev notes that prior to 2014 in Russia it was impossible to withdraw cash prepaid cards from the ATM, but then, after changes in the law, it has become possible. In her opinion, should prohibit cash withdrawals from prepaid cards, as these cards are issued for the convenience of quick purchases without customer identification, and not for regular Stripping them of cash. While Obaev believes that the introduction of identification of citizens according to the withdrawals of funds with prepaid cards.

According to the «National payment Council» for the year 2016 operations with electronic money in Russia amounted to almost 1 trillion rubles.

The implications for the market

The main trend that is realised in Russia is not the first – the destruction of anonymity when conducting any financial transactions, notes associate Director on Bank ratings «Expert RA» Vyacheslav Putilovsky. «It gives the government additional control channel of public funds, tax administration in the future and the fight against money laundering,» he explains.

In his view, users of electronic payments in Russia can be divided into those who are not breaking the law by making purchases or adding to accounts on the Internet, those who are in a gray area and not paying taxes, for example, freelancers, small landlords, and those who use electronic services to conduct criminal calculations, such as drug trafficking and other illegal services.

«Of course, declared it to fight the latter category, however, the biggest inconvenience will be to experience the law-abiding people,» — noted in «Expert RA».

Another trend is that some of the users in the Russian Federation refuses to use e-wallets and terminals with their commissions in favor of ever-improving Internet banks, said Putilov.

According to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bank «Voronezh» Murad Salikhov, the market of e-wallets in Russia could enter into crisis in the event of a ban on anonymity. «Software companies of these purses can lose a whole infrastructure — terminals, which are funded through such purses and this is their main stream of income. Citizens will suffer from new charges that can be set by the banks for the transactions of replenishment of electronic purses» — he admits.

Most likely this scenario will be implemented, but with milder conditions and with a number of specific recommendations for banks on the issue of commissions charged, said the banker.