«The country of suicides and the unemployed». Lithuanians take their own life

© AP Photo / Mindaugas KulbisЖенщина sells knitting in the old town in Vilnius. Archival photo«The country of suicides and the unemployed». Lithuanians take their own life© AP Photo / Mindaugas Kulbis

Recently published statistics: since the output of Lithuania from the Soviet Union until 2016 have committed suicide about 35 thousand citizens of the country. For a state with three million population is a huge loss. Moreover, as pointed out by the specialists of Vilnius University, one successful suicide there are up to twenty suicide attempts. So, for the last quarter century, hundreds of thousands of Lithuanians wanted to voluntarily depart this life. Details — in the material RIA Novosti.

Alcoholism and unemployment

According to the published in may last year, the report of the world health organization (who) on the prevention of mental health, Lithuania has been the leader in Europe in suicides with a rate of 32.7 suicide per 100 thousand citizens (in neighboring Latvia — 21,7 in Estonia was 18.9). Maybe it is one of the highest in the world, according to the who, alcohol consumption per capita. Every Lithuanian from fifteen years and older annually drinks 18.2 litres of pure alcohol.

The Deputy of the city Council of Vilnius Romuald Posietskaya in conversation with RIA Novosti right to have it. According to her, this outbreak of drunkenness was observed in Europe 120 years ago. «Then in Scandinavia, Saxony, Prussia men aged 40-50 years consumed about 25 liters of pure alcohol per year, and the suicide rate was the same as it is now in Lithuania. It is estimated that the suicide rates in Lithuania are performed four times more often than in Germany, and in the village, kupiškis, where about 8 thousand people, even six times. With 80 percent of cases of suicide in Lithuania is attributable to alcohol. Again, according to the statistics, a leader in our province. In the Outback drink too much more often than in cities,» says Posietskaya.

Vilnius psychologist said Dadashov dissertation «the Experience of the process attempted to commit suicide,» attracted to the study of men and women aged 18-62 years who were trying to settle scores with life. The scientist came to the conclusion that the potential suicide is characterized first and foremost low self esteem — they think of themselves as worthless, a loser, a burden to others. Greatly increase the risk of suicide, unemployment and inability to find a new job.

«It really is. We have become a country of suicide, the unemployed and immigrants» — sadly says Lithuanian journalist Irina Balunas.

Today the situation is deemed so dire that the Lithuanian Seimas almost unanimously created a special Commission, which was assigned to develop a strategy to prevent suicide, to coordinate the activities of agencies responsible for dealing with suicide, to control how these companies solve specific problems.

The Lithuanians young and old alike, ordinary people and high-ranking officials, civil and military — leave this life in different ways. Remember only the most high-profile cases. So, in December of last year in the woods found the body of 27-year-old paramedic Vytautas Agapas who served in a hussar battalion behalf of Duke Mindaugas. In February 2017, said that Vilnius took his own life 35-year-old officer in the Lithuanian military intelligence, R. R. — on the job. In April 2013, he committed suicide broadcaster, one of the most talented actors of Lithuania Vytautas, Sapronoses — on the eve of his 55-year anniversary.

Last year, employees of the Lithuanian mental health Centre have addressed in police with the requirement to find out who created the social network Facebook virtual «suicide Club». On the page «club» in detail told, how the «right» to commit suicide.

Artist Arunas, Sakalauskas and his associates held in the Cathedral square of Vilnius flashmob: on the tarmac for one minute, lay down and stood over three hundred people — a third of the number of reducing suicide in Lithuania just one year. «Our goal is more persuasive than statistics, show the extent of the problem. Replace dry, did not speak the digits of the human beings. Just think, in a year disappears a third of the recruits of the Lithuanian army, and for three years without military conflict, we lose our entire annual appeal. Can you imagine a thousand people died in one place?» explained, Sakalauskas.

Rock musician Andrius Mamontovas, who created in collaboration with psychologists-hour hotline for those contemplating suicide, «don’t be afraid to say,» regularly speaks to audiences with stories about the fight against suicide. Vilnius municipality has prepared antisuicide strategy: in the framework of the great attention paid courses, psychological assistance, which the government allocates a lot of money. The participants are doctors, ambulance workers, municipal employees, police officers, representatives of the emergency services. However, many say that to deal with the problem of suicide can only improve the social situation in the country. If people feel confident, get rid of the fear of the future, the sinister curve of suicides crawl down.