The head of the DOSAAF called «breathe new life» into society

© Photo : courtesy Rosieresite DOSAAF DOSAAF of Russia, Alexander Kolmakov. Archive photoThe head of the DOSAAF called «breathe new life» into society© Photo : courtesy of DOSAAF of Russia

Voluntary society of assistance to army, aviation and fleet (DOSAAF) need to breathe new life into it by adopting the law «On conscription and non-training», said in the state Duma the Chairman of the defense company Alexander Kolmakov.

«How to breathe in the activities of DOSAAF new life, must decide everyone here. Offer, if necessary, modify objectives, mechanisms and ways of solution of problematic issues in the activities of DOSAAF of Russia to be resolved through legislation,» said Kolmakov.

In this regard, he was asked to adopt the law «On non-and pre-service training of citizens of the Russian Federation». Also, in his opinion, it is necessary to expand the list of state tasks assigned to DOSAAF, including the preparation of citizens to protection of Fatherland.

«Third — to make changes and additions to some legislative acts providing for the launch of mechanisms of realization of the state tasks assigned to DOSAAF» — said Kolmakov.

In addition, he called for the development of the state program «Development of Federal system of preparation of citizens to military service», in which also provide for the development of DOSAAF.

«By addressing these four tasks, we must not forget that Patriotic education is the return to human capital investment. For more than 90 years of its existence, the defense society has proven its viability. So it is necessary to state», — concluded the head of the defense companies.