The motion picture «Dislike» Zvyagintseva was nominated for «Oscar»

© Photo : WALT DISNEY STUDIOS SONY PICTURES RELEASING/ Anna Matveevici Andrey Zvyagintsev Dislike. Archive photoThe motion picture «Dislike» Zvyagintseva was nominated for «Oscar»© Photo : WALT DISNEY STUDIOS SONY PICTURES RELEASING/ Anna Matveeva

A film by Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev’s «Dislike» was nominated for «Oscar» in the category «best foreign language film».

Among the contenders for the prestigious award in this category as «a Fantastic woman» (A Fantastic Woman, directed by Sebastian Lelio, Chile), «Insult» (The Insult, Ziad Duari, Lebanon), «body and soul» (On Body and Soul, directed by Ildiko Enyedi, Hungary), «Square» (The Square, Ruben Östlund, Sweden).
Anniversary, 90-second account of the «Oscar» is traditionally held in Los Angeles at the Dolby theater on March 4.

Previously, «Dislike» is nominated for another prestigious award — «Golden globe», but the award the movie received. In 2015 another job Zvyagintsev’s «Leviathan» — was awarded the «Golden globe» and were also nominated for «Oscar».

The plot of the film

«Dislike» tells the story of modern Moscow family, is experiencing a severe, painful divorce. The main characters Jack and Boris even spouses, but each of them has started a new Chapter in life, and they can’t wait to do away with the formalities and to dissolve the marriage.

In a series of conflicts and mutual claims Zhenya and Boris neglected only child, 12-year-old Alyosha, who feels that they don’t need parents. After another quarrel Alesha disappears.

Good chance

According to the drama producer Alexander Rodnyansky, have a «Dislike» there is a good chance to win.

«Leviathan» nominated for «Oscar», was competing with the Polish film «IDA» Paul Pawlikowska, which from the first second was a favorite. He received many prizes, like members of the Academy and needed to catch up. We were able to catch up and overtake «the Gold globe» and «Oscar» could not», — he said.

According to him, the current nominees are in the same position, «films either just released or coming soon». «Dislike» will appear on cinema screens on 16 February, just in time for the voting period, the Academy added the producer.

He also said that until the last moment it was not clear would the picture among the nominees, as forecasts are often wrong.

«Predictions are always called in the top five nominees for the German film «On the limit» Fatih akin, won the «Golden globe», and the wonderful Israeli film «Foxtrot» Samuel Maosa. They are not included in the top five, and entered the Lebanese film «an Insult» and what nobody expected, the Hungarian film «body and soul», — said the producer.

The nomination is already a victory

The head of the Guild of film critics Kirill Razlogov noted in turn that the nomination is already a great achievement for the film.

«I used to say that Zvyagintsev chance one of 90 in the number of films in the list, and now one in five. There is a chance that the card will fall, hard to say, but he was twice nominated, so I guess that will treat him with respect. Nominated for an Oscar is a victory. The last time was Nikita (Mikhalkov) with «Weary sun» in 1994,» he said.The motion picture «Dislike» Zvyagintseva was nominated for «Oscar»© Infografika that awarded the «Oscar»