Experts told, what products in 2017 became more affordable for Russians

© Photo : O. FarionПлитка chocolate. Archive photoExperts told, what products in 2017 became more affordable for Russians© Photo : O. Farion

Index «Coffee with milk», reflecting the volume of purchases by Russians of chocolate, coffee, milk, bottled water and the dynamics of prices in December 2017 rose 8% compared to November, but in annual terms it decreased by 4.2% due to falling prices included in the index products, according to the research of holding «ROMIR», which is available to RIA Novosti.

«In the last month of the year index «Coffee with milk» demonstrated a traditional new year’s jump. Its value climbed to 1,011 in thousands of percentage points, which is 8% more than November’s rate,» the study says.

However, in comparison with December 2016, the index decreased by 4.2%. Holding explains this decline in food prices included in the index — in particular, coffee and chocolate.

«Trend of the past year in the matter of simple pleasures became more accessible in relation to lower prices for small gourmet pleasures. That is, the volume of simple pleasures nor Russians in General or the residents of the capital do not reduce. A new year purchase, especially chocolate, has led to a jump of traditional «Coffee with milk», indicates «ROMIR».

The basis for the calculation of an index «Coffee with milk» are the prices and volumes of consumption of coffee, milk, bottled water and chocolate — that is, in the non Essentials. The index is calculated on the basis of the Skan-panel of households «romira» and this study is based on data of consumption of 30 million Russians, 11 million households in 180 cities with population over 100 thousand people.

Purchase at the pre-holiday rush

The value of the index in December is not exceeded, but it is curious that in December it was even lower than in March last year, when it amounted to 1,014 thousand percentage points.

According to the research of holding the Russians in December I bought a 4.6% more water, 7.2% more coffee and 18.3% more chocolate than the previous month. Simultaneously on the 1.3% decrease in purchase volumes of milk.

«In the pre-turmoil they are not very focused on price,» adds «ROMIR». So, water in bottles in the last month of the year has cost the Russians 3.9% more than in November, coffee, 2.9% more milk — by 1.3%. Fell. — on 4,4%.

However, in annual terms prices, by contrast, was reduced in December. Coffee has fallen by 7.6%, chocolate — 13.8%, milk — by 1.6%. «Water, though increased in price, but only a smaller percentage (0.9 percent). The Russians compared with the December 2016 bought more coffee (plus 9.4 per cent) and chocolate (plus 10.5 percent), but this could not rectify the overall result of the changes in the index», — stated in the study.

Moscow and Muscovites

At the same time the holding company has analyzed the behavior of index «Coffee with milk» in the Russian capital. In December, in Moscow the index increased by 8% compared to November and amounted to 1,176 thousand percentage points. «But he also conceded the March index, as in the whole country. In annual terms, the index lost 11%,» — noted in the study.

In the last month of the year Muscovites have increased in comparison with November buy coffee (plus 9.9 percent), water (plus 11.2 per cent) and chocolate (plus of 18.9%). In turn, the cost of water in Moscow in comparison with November has decreased by almost 10%, coffee — by 1.8%. Milk and chocolate rose slightly — by 1.6% and 0.7% respectively.

Annual reduction in the value of the index, as in the case of the General dynamics in Russia, ROMIR explains the decrease in the prices of all the components of the «Coffee with milk»: for example, 2.7% fell in the milk, 4.7% water, 5.8%, coffee 14.9% — chocolate.

«In the volumes for the year added coffee (plus 5.1 per cent) and chocolate (plus 5.6 percent), but lost water (minus 14.7%) and milk (minus 17.9 percent). These factors have led to an overall decrease in the value «Coffee with milk», — added in the study.