In Australia, the monument to James cook poured pink paint

© 2018 AFP / William West the Monument to captain James cook in Sydney. Archival photoIn Australia, the monument to James cook poured pink paint© 2018 AFP / William West

The monument to the discoverer of the East coast of Australia James cook in Melbourne doused with pink paint, writes Herald Sun.

It is noted that the pedestal of the monument, which was established in 1914 in the Park Сatani Gardens, unknown red paint wrote: «Not proud of».

In addition, defiled another monument in Melbourne, dedicated to travelers to Robert Burke and William Wills who first crossed the continent from South to North, the monument was doused with green paint.

Currently in the country are waging a fierce debate about the postponement of the date of the celebration of Australia Day from January 26 to another day. Date refers to the day the arrival of British fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the founding of the first colony. However, as the newspaper notes, many indigenous Australians consider it a «day occupation».

The English Navigator James cook in the eighteenth century was headed by three round-the-world expedition to study the world’s oceans. Cook mapped the world part of Newfoundland and the East coast of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, West coast of North America, the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. The Navigator was killed in battle with the natives in Hawaii in 1779.