In Norway open music festival «Northern lights»

© RIA Novosti / Anastasia Aconogonon tromsø. One of the Central streets. Archival photoIn Norway open music festival «Northern lights»© RIA Novosti / Anastasia Yakonuk

One of the most Northern in the world of music festivals «Northern lights», which will be attended by stars of classical and jazz music, ballet and even Sami Joukov, opens on Thursday in the Arctic Norwegian city tromsø.

The festival «Northern lights», which is considered one of the most Northern in the world, because it is held on 69 parallel, for over 30 years. Every year in the «Paris of the North» as it is often called tromsø, attracts music lovers from around the world to ten days to get acquainted with the works of world famous celebrities and rising stars.

Today the festival involved not only the soloists, but whole orchestras, Opera and even ballet groups. In different years the participants of the Philharmonic orchestra of Saint Petersburg, Peking Opera, all the Norwegian Symphony orchestras, the Mariinsky ballet. On the stage of tromsø has also performed Hagegard håkan, Leif Ove has Andsnes, Truls mørk, Yuri Bashmet and michala Petri.

This year the festival starts on 25 January and will end on 4 Feb. In the program posted on the website, stated Ballet Hispanico of new York, an American rock group Blood, Sweat & Tears, a jazz drummer Panama origin Billy Cobham (Billy Cobham), the Kalabalik, the audience also wants the project Orchestroil Joik — Sami yoiks to the accompaniment of a Symphony orchestra. The program is scheduled for at least 50 concerts at various venues.

Tromsø unofficially called the «capital of the Norwegian Arctic,» and is considered a major academic center. The population of the city, located on the Islands, is about 70 thousand people, but here is one of the leading universities of Norway, centre for the study of the Arctic «FRAM», the largest Observatory. Tromso is also considered a Norwegian «gateway to the Arctic» — hence the beginning of the century started Arctic expedition of the Norwegian national heroes Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. The city annually hosts a major international film festival, festivals of classical and rock music, jazz and techno, scientific conference.