In the Moscow market due to a fire complicated the movement of vehicles

© Photo : Vladimir Shorokhova account Vkontaktepicture on the market Gardener in the South-East of Moscow. January 25, 2018In the Moscow market due to a fire complicated the movement of vehicles© Photo : Vladimir Shorokhova account Vkontakte

The movement of cars is complicated in the market area «Gardener», where on Thursday again there was a fire, from the data of the service «Yandex.Tube».

Earlier, emergency services responded to the blaze in the area of 20 square meters of the pavilion on the third line and the evacuation of people. The fire area has increased to 250 square meters, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Moscow Central Directorate of Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation. Later, a source in emergency services of the capital told RIA Novosti that the fire is localized, one person was injured.

As follows from the data service, traffic has accumulated on the street Upper field and Novoorlovskom highway. Also the traffic on the inner side of the ring road in the market area «Gardener» and in adjacent congresses.

A week ago there was a fire, he was eliminated late at night. Its area was 300 square meters. In the «green thumb» said that there were no casualties, mass evacuation was not necessary as the incident occurred after the market close.

The market belongs to the company «Kiev area» Year Nisanov and Zarah Iliev. Located on the ring road, it positions itself as Russia’s largest center of wholesale-retail trade. The total area of the shopping complex is more than 40 hectares. Here are more than 8 thousand trade stands selling clothing, goods for children, hunting, fishing, and Hiking, flowers, seedlings and garden equipment.