In the Omsk region arrested the accused in deaths of five children in a fire

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotobounce. Archival photoIn the Omsk region arrested the accused in deaths of five children in a fire© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The court in Omsk region at the request of the investigation took into custody on charges in the death of five children in a fire at the village of sedel’nikovo 39-year-old operator of gas stations, supraveghere exploded in the house tank, said on Thursday Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the region.

According to preliminary data, SK, a fire occurred on January 22 in the house, where lived a prosperous family with seven adopted children. Five children — sisters aged 6 and 10 years, their 16-year-old brother, and girls 11 and 18 years — died. The foster mother is hospitalized with burns to about 50% of the body surface. The other two children and their adoptive father born in 1963 was not injured.

«Today, the court granted the petition of the investigating authorities on the election of Yevgeny Serdyukov accused the measure of restraint in form of detention. During the interrogation by the investigator and in court, he pleaded not guilty», — is spoken in the message.

The Department noted that the 39-year-old operator of gas stations made the 12-liter gas cylinder with a gross violation of established norms of security, which in three hours resulted in the detonation of the cylinder. He was charged under the criminal code article «execution of works or provision of services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life or health of consumers, entailed death of two and more persons».

«During the inspection of the scene seized elements of a gas cylinder and other physical evidence, conducted searches and seizures at the petrol station and in the premises of bodies of guardianship and guardianship. According to preliminary data, the fire-technical examination, the cause of the fire was the detonation of a gas cylinder,» — said in SUS’k.

According to preliminary conclusions it is judicial-medical examinations, cause of death was acute carbon monoxide poisoning. Investigators continue to establish others involved in the crime.

According to the SC, on the morning of 22 January, 56-year-old father of seven adopted children from the village of sedel’nikovo made at gas stations owned by individual entrepreneur – Tarski Deputy of the municipal Council, the 12-liter gas cylinder of the gas mixture, then brought the container into the boiler room of their two storey dwelling house. After a few hours there was a detonation of a gas tank with ignition of the gas mixture and an extensive fire, in which died were on the first floor children.