«Sincere and bright man»: he died of Lyudmila Senchina

© RIA Novosti / Rybakowvalery in photobacteria Senchina. Archival photo«Sincere and bright man»: he died of Lyudmila Senchina© RIA Novosti / Rybakowvalery the image Bank

The national actress of Russia Lyudmila Senchina, died Thursday in St. Petersburg on 68-m to year of life. Colleagues on the stage and politicians call the death of senchinoj great loss and remember her as a talented artist, a sincere and bright man.

On the death of the singer has informed RIA Novosti news her producer Vladimir Andreev.

«Lyudmila Petrovna died this morning in hospital. She was sick,» said Andreev.

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The Work Of Senchinoj

Fame Lyudmyla senchinoj took part in the TV program «Blue light» (1970) with the song «Cinderella» by Igor Tsvetkov to the words of the poet Ilya Reznik, which determined the stage image and performing style of the singer. Her repertoire consisted of songs by Soviet composers: «Good story» by Alexandra Pakhmutova (lyrics by Nikolai Dobronravov), «lullaby» by Matvei Blanter (lyrics by Mikhail Isakovsky), «call of the blue» by Andrei Petrov (Tatiana Kalinina), «all night the Nightingale was whistling to us…» Veniamin Basner (from the film «Days of Turbin», lyrics by Mikhail Matusovsky), «the Cherry tree» by Valery Gavrilin.

In the late 1970’s-early 1980-ies Senchina repeatedly became the laureate of the TV festival «song of the year».

Singer Lev Leshchenko says Lyudmila Senchina as sincere and kind person with great creative range.

«I’m very deeply saddened because with Luda we passed a great life together for about forty years, and of course, it’s a loss for our pop art, all for art, because it was a man of great creative range. She worked in the operetta, starring in the movie, dubbed movies, sang songs, and I have been with her on trips abroad and in Russia,» — said Leshchenko.

According to him, Senchina was surprisingly bright, unique person, very sincere and heartfelt, and it was projected on her work. «A very big loss, grief and sorrow to all her family. The only consolation would be that her voice will still sound for a long time in our memory,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Care singer Ludmilla senchinoj is a great loss, it there were no signs, told RIA Novosti the people’s artist of the USSR Edita Piekha.

«Unfortunately, the world is so constituted that from time to time takes to itself people, which it was still possible to live a long time. Care Lyudochka senchinoj is the case. Why is she a ray of sunshine, a beautiful person with an angelic voice, why the singer left early? Could still live and live to sing and sing for us her beautiful songs. Our last meeting took place on 31 July in the Oktyabrsky hall, she had shining eyes and a unique smile. There were no signs that it will not be», — said the singer.

Service to the art

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky called Lyudmila Senchina spiritually generous and charming woman, which gave his original talent without the rest.

«A great loss for Russian culture was the death of a popular singer, people’s artist of Russia Lyudmila senchinoj. Spiritually generous, feminine and charming, she has devoted her life to the high purpose of service to art and people. Lyudmila Petrovna has passed a rich way, her beautiful voice and unique style of performance was well known to inhabitants of our country, fans of pop songs,» says the telegram on behalf of the Minister.

According to Medina, Senchina gave your original talent without the rest, charged the audience with positive emotions admired the devotion stage.

A soulful voice

The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko has expressed condolences to the families of senchinoj called her soulful talent.

«The singer of limitless talent, a charming woman, the main Cinderella of the Soviet and Russian pop — that was known and loved by millions of fans. Her soulful voice has touched the most delicate strings of the soul», — is spoken in the message of condolence Poltavchenko.

The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko called care senchinoj a great loss to millions of listeners.

«Lyudmila Petrovna Senchina genuinely loved not only for its vocal and artistic skills, but also for the special, genuine sincerity with which she performed the song that became, thanks to her talent, really popular. The death of Ludmilla senchinoj is a huge loss for millions of listeners, all of whom she gave warmth and joy with their songs, helped to overcome the difficulties of life, to believe the best,» said the Governor.