The mufti of Poland said about xenophobia and prejudices in the country

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in fotobanka and a rosary. Archival photoThe mufti of Poland said about xenophobia and prejudices in the country© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

The Polish Muslims are concerned about the xenophobia and prejudice in the country, reads the statement of the mufti of Poland Tomasz Mickiewicz, released on Thursday.

«I have expressed concern about the increasing speeches and attacks, ongoing attacks, arising from the origins of xenophobia, hatred and prejudice,» reads a statement.

As noted the mufti of Muslims living in Poland, including the Tatars, as Polish citizens and foreigners who are legally present on the territory of the country, «have the right to feel safe here».

According to the mufti, neo-fascist and pseudo-national organizations aroused serious concerns, «undermining the sense of security and a multicultural, multi-ethnic image of our country».

«These fears are not exaggerated. This is already happening. We hope for a clear, constructive and consistent response in this matter, to serve for the benefit of Polish citizens, including Muslim Tatars, who faithfully served and serve their homeland – the Republic of Poland» — said in a statement.

The number of residents in Poland Muslims with foreigners is estimated at 20-25 thousand people. Foreigners is, first of all, students, diplomats, businessmen, refugees from Muslim countries.

In late November, the center of Muslim culture in the Warsaw district Hunt threw stones, broke window panes, destroyed air. No one was hurt.

Recently the interior Minister of Poland, Joachim Brudzinski stated that it did not support the construction of the Muslim center in Bialystok on the money of Saudi Arabia.