A resident of Chuvashia will stand trial on charges of murder of a doctor

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. archival photoA resident of Chuvashia will stand trial on charges of murder of a doctor© Fotolia / sebra

A resident of Chuvashia will stand trial on charges of murder of a doctor and trauma hospital emergency medical service, said on Friday SU of SK on the Republic.

Earlier it was reported that on June 15 last year in his office of hospital of an emergency medical care in Cheboksary was found the body of 80-year-old doctor-traumatologist. Is by results judicial-medical research it is established that his death is criminal in nature. On this fact investigators opened a criminal case under article «murder». On suspicion in Commission of crime it was detained by his friend who was already brought to criminal liability for theft.

According to the investigation Department, the victim was a doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Chuvash state University, honoured science worker of the Chuvash Republic, has combined teaching and clinical activities.

«The first Department for investigation of particularly important cases of the SU TFR of the Chuvash Republic has finished investigating a criminal case against the 49-year-old resident of Novocheboksarsk, accused of committing a crime under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder)… the Investigator collected sufficient evidentiary base in this connection criminal case after the confirmation of the indictment submitted to the Moscow district court of Cheboksary for consideration in essence», — stated in the message.

According to investigators, on 14 June between the attacker and the victim there was a quarrel arose «on the basis of personal hostile relations with the joint organization of activities of the limited liability company, co-founders of which they were». During the conflict, according to the investigation Department, the defendant struck the doctor «hands, feet and a metal chair at least 32 blows to the head, chest and other parts of the body, and then choked the victim with a metal chair neck, thereby cutting off the access of air to breath.» As a result of mechanical asphyxia he died on the spot and the accused fled, said the Agency.

According to the conclusion it is judicial-psychiatric examination, grounds for declaring the accused insane not installed, adds a SU SK.

Investigation Department also notes that the defendant «of his relationship to the charges not expressed, refusing to testify.»