Belgium gave France an alleged accomplice of the Paris terrorists

CC0 / Public Domain / Detention. Archive photoBelgium gave France an alleged accomplice of the Paris terroristsCC0 / Public Domain /

Belgium on Friday handed over to the French authorities alleged accomplice of the organizers of the terrorist attacks in Paris, in the apartment which made a suicide belt, said Federal prosecutors in the country.

«In the framework of the investigation opened by the results of the terrorist attacks in Paris, November 13, 2015 and the terrorist attack in (train), Thalys, August 21, 2015, Mohammed B., was today extradited to the French authorities», — stated in the message.

We are talking about Mohammed Bakkali is a Belgian citizen born in 1987. According to investigators, he was shot in Brussels two apartments used by terrorists. In one of them, located in the commune Skarbek, made suicide bombs exploded in Paris.

The decision on his extradition was made in the indictments chamber of the Brussels court in June 2016. Execution of a French arrest warrant was approved with the condition that he would return to Belgium to serve his sentence.

In August 2015, the attacker opened fire with automatic weapons in high-speed Thalys Express, EN route from Amsterdam to Paris. Three people had been injured. The attacker managed to disarm the passengers, among whom were two American soldiers, one of them received a gunshot wound, the second stab.

The evening of November 13, 2015 three-coordinated group of terrorists committed a series of attacks in Paris and its near suburb of Saint-Denis. In total the victims were 130 people, more than 350 were wounded.