Experts told about dynamics of the prices for tickets for days of the 2018 world Cup

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Russian experts at the request of RIA Novosti estimated changes in the cost of air travel between the Russian cities and from abroad for the period of the matches of the world Cup and found that prices change as upward and downward relative to the statistical averages.

Development Manager for Skyscanner in Russia Dmitry Gavanski noted that while the number of bookings for the period of the championship in the participating cities of the FIFA world Cup is small.

«The prices are different. For example, in December, after the announcement of the results of the draw, tickets to some of the cities that will host matches of the championship has grown considerably. Among them Ekaterinburg, Saransk, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-don. However, in January, when the excitement after the draw had died down, the prices in these areas went back to November,» provided their data.

«In January, the tickets in some cities have substantially fallen in value compared to November. The maximum fall in the value we registered for tickets to Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan,» — said Havansky.

The price increase

PR-Director of the Internet service for travelers Biletix Grigory Lugovoy said, according to the statistics, his average has been a rise in price of tickets for match dates, which was 27.6%.

«But here we must make two important comments. From about the last quarter of 2017, we see a smooth rise in prices for tickets in General, which is seen as a positive trend, because the tickets fell in price over the last few years due to the unstable situation in the Russian airlines», — said the Agency interlocutor.

However, he noted that at the moment Russia is one of the cheapest countries in terms of air travel.

In addition, Lugovoi said that, given the hype for the matches of the world Cup in 2018, the rising cost of tickets at 27.6% is the expected trend, as airlines sell tickets segments from cheap to more expensive, and, apparently, the cheapest segments of tickets already purchased.

«In any case, 27.6 per cent is, in our opinion, the normal correlation between the cost of tickets. For example, in the days of the announcement of the dates and venues for the matches tickets have increased in price tenfold», — commented he.

Lower prices

In parallel, the experts of the service of the traveling held out his analysis of the changes in ticket prices in the city of world Cup 2018 for the period of the world Cup for the last five months and found that in some areas prices have fallen.

«In January, the tickets to all destinations of the 2018 world Cup shows the minimum values for the last five months. For example, prices for flights from Moscow to Saransk in the last month fell by 242% (5 349 rubles for one way ticket), to Volgograd — 193% (3 781 roubles per ticket), Yekaterinburg — 79% (5 020 rubles). The least over the past month decrease in prices for the flights to Moscow (considered the average cost of flights from anywhere in the world) — only 4.5 per cent,» the company said.

«If you look at the price changes over the last five months, it is a leader in lowering the cost of the trip was the Kazan. The ticket price here fell by 199% (3 678 rubles), the second place is Volgograd — minus 146% in the third Sochi — minus 126% (4 014 rubles). Tickets to the Russian capital lost 22%», — cite the experts.

Overseas destinations

According to on the period of holding matches of world football Championship in 2018 the price of tickets to Russia from other countries currently have risen by 4% compared to the average price in 2017. However, some host cities the prices at the moment are below average. So, in Nizhny Novgorod and Saint Petersburg flights are cheaper by 11% and 12% respectively.

«Most of the increase in value of the tickets in Rostov-on-don (+93,4%), Volgograd (+27,1%) and Kazan (+17%). If we talk about the three most popular cities of Russia – Moscow, Sochi and Saint-Petersburg to reach the capital while it is possible for the same money, while the other two went up by 8.9% and 2.7% respectively,» — said the representative of the international travel metasearch Irina Riabovol.

However, she noted that if you look separately at countries of departure, the dynamics are very different. «Thus, among the foreign tourists most actively interested in travel to Russia, residents of Germany, USA and Denmark. Of the first two countries at the time of the 2018 world Cup, the average ticket price in Russia has increased by 15.5%, and 14%, respectively, and from Denmark, in contrast, arrive in the host cities became cheaper by 6.3%,» — said the expert.

Intelligence meta also recorded an intensive growth of fares in the city of the championship of Russia. Thus, the cost of tickets to Ekaterinburg jumped by 63.3%, in Kazan – 54,4%, in St.-Petersburg and Volgograd – 47.3% and 46.7%, respectively.