French businesses willing to invest in the Smolensk region

© Photo : press service of the administration of obesityobesity Smolensk Alexei Ostrovsky at the meeting with the founder of the French holding company DEHONDT TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOPPEMENT Guillaume DeontaFrench businesses willing to invest in the Smolensk region© Photo : press service of the administration of Smolensk region

The possibility of realization of the investment project for the production of flax techniques were discussed by the representatives of the administration of Smolensk region and the French holding DEVELOPPEMENT DEHONDT TECHNOLOGIES, specializing in the production of self-propelled flax new generation of technology, the use of which allows to significantly increase productivity and improve product quality, informed RIA Novosti the representative of the regional administration.

«We are actively engaged in the development of flax and respecting traditions, we hope to return the Smolensk region the first place in the country for the collection of flax fiber. Today we have all prerequisites. Therefore, the technique that you plan to produce, we need, first and foremost, in the Smolensk region», — said the Governor of the region Alexey Ostrovskiy, referring to the French representatives.

However, he noted that today the region takes the second place on volume of gross yield of flax fibre among 18 regions of Russia, specializing in the cultivation of flax.

In turn, the founder of the company DEHONDT TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOPPEMENT Guillaume Deont said the purpose of his trip to Russia to create a joint with Russian partners to manufacture and assemble produced by flax machinery, introducing the separate technology of flax not only on the territory of the Smolensk region, but also throughout the country.

In addition, representatives of the French holding company has expressed its intention to establish a partnership with located in Smolensk JSC «Avangard», which is one of the leading enterprises in Russia for production of large-sized products from composite materials and plastics.

«Our company specializiruetsya, including on the use of flax as a raw material for composite materials. At the same time, we are working on special technology and are leaders in Europe in this area. If we manage to achieve all the necessary arrangements and start the work, the flax fiber can be used and exported as a composite material, which are in great demand in the global market,» said Deont.

According to the press service, representatives of JSC «Avangard» has expressed interest in collaboration on work with biocomposites and are planning to sign a cooperation agreement with the French holding company.

The head of the region recalled that in the Smolensk region was created a cluster for the production of high quality products made of flax and today, the region is the only subject of the Russian Federation, supported by the government for this.

In turn, Deont declared readiness of holding become a member of the cluster and contribute to its development. He also took the initiative of signing cooperation agreements with Russian companies, on sites which will be the Assembly equipment during the next St. Petersburg international economic forum.

The head of region has assured investors in the willingness to do everything possible for the development of their business and production localization on the territory of Smolensk region. He instructed the heads of relevant departments to fully cooperate with company in establishing contacts with Smolensk agricultural machinery manufacturers.

«I want the development of your business in the Russian Federation and, in particular, in the Smolensk region was successful and that we as soon as possible were able to reach concrete practical results», — said Ostrovsky.

The development of flax complex of the Smolensk region

The representative of the press service of the administration reported that in the future development of flax complex of the region in the current year in region it is planned to create selection seed-growing centre for the production of seeds of flax on the basis of LLC «Izvekovo» Novoduginskaya district. According to him, this will allow to increase production of original and elite seeds of flax in the region of one hundred tons to thousands of tons, not less than ten times.

On the basis of the Smolensk agricultural Academy would provide training for farmers, managers and specialists of the agronomy services, agricultural organizations on technological aspects of cultivation of flax.

In addition, as noted by the interlocutor of the Agency, the Ministry of agriculture is working on the inclusion of the current year enterprises specializing in the production and primary processing of flax, the list of subsidized agroindustrial complex for the compensation of direct costs incurred for the construction, modernization and reconstruction of production capacities.

The press service also noted that the representatives of the flax processing enterprises of Ivanovo and Tver region declared readiness to buy from Smolensk to farmers long and short flax fiber.