In St. Petersburg will present the premiere of «Svejk.Return»

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in photobacteria Russian state academic drama theatre. Alexander Pushkin — Alexandrinsky theatre. Archival photoIn St. Petersburg will present the premiere of «Svejk.Return»© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

Alexandrinsky theatre in St. Petersburg starting the new year with the premiere of «Svejk. The return» directed by the art Director of theatre Valery Fokin, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of creative activity. The premiere screenings will be held on 26, 27 and 28 January on the main stage of the theater, reported the press service of the theatre.

The literary basis of the new performance «Svejk. The return» was the original play Tatiana Rakhmanova, created on motives of a world famous satirical novel by Jaroslav Hasek «the Adventures of the good soldier Svejk during the world war.» Appeared in the early 20-ies of XX century, this novel Hasek gave the world one of the most famous folk heroes — Schweik, the little man trying to survive in the cycle of events of the First world war. The performance of the Fokine — a modern version of the story of a century ago.

«I believe that the characters in such iconic works of world literature periodically appear on the scene — said Fokin RIA Novosti. — In this play, it was important for us to preserve the tragic theme of «shveyka», although this is a work of satirical, grotesque, ridiculous. One of the themes of the novel Hasek — the theme of the naive, simple man trying to survive in the world war are still relevant today. It was important for us to understand who he is — Svejk XXI century».

Together with the Director of the production was the set designer Semyon Pastukh and costume designer Oksana Yarmolnik. In the role of Schweik Stepan Balakshin. The cast Igor Volkov and Pyotr Semak, Elena Nemzer, Andrey Matukov, Dmitry Buteau, Sergei Alikov.

Performance «Svejk. The return was the first Valery Fokin in the year of the 50th anniversary of his creative activity. His first job at the beginning of the directorial journey in 1968 was the play, created the story of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s «someone else’s wife and husband under the bed» in drama school named Shchukin, where he graduated. For half a century Fokin has produced more than 80 plays, many of which have become events of Russian and world stage.

On the second day of the premiere, January 27 will be held the ceremony of Valery Fokine award of a name of Lebedev, which is awarded for contribution to development of Russian national theatrical art in connection with the 50 th anniversary of creative activity.