In the UK denied the reports on the audit of «Pioneer» after the show «the death of Stalin»

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in photosangelina in the pioneer cinema in Moscow. 24 Jan 2018In the UK denied the reports on the audit of «Pioneer» after the show «the death of Stalin»© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Tecnocovering the image Bank

The investigation does not validate the Moscow cinema «pioneer», told RIA Novosti senior assistant head of a capital Central Board SK Yulia Ivanova.

So she commented on media reports which say that the cinema allegedly began to check on the extremism because of the screening of the film «Death of Stalin», which the Ministry of culture two days before the premiere revoked the rental license.

All cinemas have removed the picture of Armando Iannucci from the schedule, but the «pioneer» began screenings of the first two sessions were held on January 25. In this cinema referred to the registry of the Ministry of culture, according to which the distribution certificate is still valid. Show «Stalin’s Death» going to the cinema on 3 February, tickets to all 11 sessions completely sold out.

The Ministry of culture, in turn, warned the cinemas that show the film without a distribution certificate, they face administrative liability.

Now «pioneer» works in a regular mode, following a session «Stalin’s Death» appears in the schedule for 21.50.

Satirical Comedy from British Director Armando’s Iannucci about the struggle for power in the USSR after Stalin’s death in Russia caused a wave of indignation. After preview well-known politicians and cultural figures were asked to recall the movie rental license.

In a letter to the Minister of culture, they stressed that the picture — «a libel the history of our country», «Comedy», denigrate the memory of our citizens that defeated fascism,» and noted the bad acting, sloppy decorations and insulting attitude towards the flag and anthem. In addition, the information can be regarded as extremist and dehumanizing, the letter said.

According to its authors, the release of the film on the eve of celebration of the 75th anniversary of the battle of Stalingrad was an insult to all «who died there and <…> who are still alive».

The letter in particular, signed by the Chairman of the public Council under the Ministry of culture Yury Polyakov, Elena Drapeko deputies, Leonid Slutsky and Vladimir Bortko, film Director Nikita Mikhalkov and producer Igor Ugolnikov.