MOE said about the scenario of rescue of missing fishermen using aircraft

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotosensibile be-200. Archival photoMOE said about the scenario of rescue of missing fishermen using aircraft© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Went from Krasnoyarsk in Primorye to look for the missing ship «Vostok» the plane MOE be-200, if necessary, will sit on the water, to pick up the crew, according to SIPC the emergency situations Ministry.

Earlier it was reported that the fishing vessel stopped communicating in the Maritime region, it triggered an emergency beacon. According to the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office and the shipowner, on Board 20 people. According to the spascenter, on the site searching found 2 life jacket, 2 life buoy, fishing buoy, household garbage and mooring Cove. Investigators opened a criminal case.

All night there were two vessels – the lifeguard and the ship Fesco. In the morning they were joined by the Mi-8 helicopter and a be-200 aircraft of the emergencies Ministry. Also in the middle of the day on the spot started a TOF plane an-26. It was also reported that from Krasnoyarsk flew the plane MOE be-200.

«Be-200, which is primarily used in Wildland fire suppression, and can be used effectively in the search works in the water. Under appropriate conditions the aircraft will land directly on the water, allowing you to help quickly in distress, and devices, which are equipped with amphibious aircraft, provide an opportunity to maintain a better supervision», — said the Deputy head of the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia aviation Andrey Gruzdov.

According to rescuers, the plane flew in Primorye in the early morning.

Now in the search area air temperature is minus 15, a wind to 17 m/s, wave height of 4-6 meters, visibility 300 meters. Searches do not stop.

According to the Russian Maritime register of shipping, built in Korea in 1985, the ship «East» goes under the Russian flag assigned to Nevelsk of the Sakhalin region. The owner of the vessel is OOO «DV-fleet».

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