North Korea — South Korea: unite, if run USA

© 2018 AFP / Choi Jae-Ciarcia with a neutral flag North and South Korea. 2003North Korea — South Korea: unite, if run USA© 2018 AFP / Choi Jae-Ku

The authorities of the DPRK is ready to resume talks on unification with South Korea (SK) under the condition that she break ties with Washington. In the appeal addressed to all Koreans in the world, the government and political parties of the North announced the intention to «make a dent for the independent reunification» and without foreign intermediaries. The document released by the Agency, KCNA, refers to «the improvement of inter-Korean relations» and «the bright future of a United, powerful and prosperous nation». A new twist in the North Korean rhetoric became apparent after the Christmas speech of the leader of the country Kim Jong-UN, who returned to the agenda old question of unification of the two Koreas. Talks between Seoul and Pyongyang on the terms of the DPRK categorically does not suit Washington.

DPRK offers South Korea «to score a goal together»

The transition from a confrontational course towards peace-loving statements coincided with the approaching Winter Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. In the summer of 2017, the organizers sent an invitation to the northerners. Pyongyang accepted it, and suggested raising the stakes. By a joint decision of the two Koreas formed a unified women’s hockey team. In addition, we agreed that the athletes of both republics will be held at the opening ceremony under the flag: a white flag with the contours of the Peninsula. Earlier in exceptional cases, the athletes of the UK and North Korea has acted under a common banner, but at competitions of such status, as the Olympic games, never.

Union of South Korea and North Korea might not only according to the scenario of the North Korean authorities. In conversation with RIA Novosti head of Department of Korea and Mongolia of Institute of Oriental studies Alexander Vorontsov told that the plan of Pyongyang envisages the creation on the Peninsula of the temporary Confederation, which continued to exist in both countries, gradually bringing together their political systems. «However, such approach is disadvantageous to the Americans, as there is no basis for the presence of their troops in the South. For Washington, this issue is of strategic importance. Everyone understands that the military is placed against not only North Korea but China. And against us,» says Vorontsov.

South Korean alternative plan — the collapse of the regime in Pyongyang under the weight of economic and social problems. In this case, the Association with possible acquisitions, expenses which run the risk to exceed the potential benefits. «Formally, the US is not opposed to reunification, but see it only as the elimination of the DPRK. Washington imposed one more condition: the unified Korea must be his ally,» — says the expert. According to Vorontsov, in the foreseeable future this scenario is unrealistic because of the resistance shown by the North.
As South Korea is seeking greater economic success, the number of skeptics in the country, opposed reunification with the North, is growing. The main reason of doubts — the need for huge financial investments in the economy of North Korea from the South. To get funds for such investments is possible only at the cost of quality lower standard of living. South Korean experts studied the experience of the reunification of Germany, came to the conclusion that the integration costs of the DPRK will be much more impressive than in the case of the FRG and the GDR. This assessment is strongly influenced by the mood of the population in South Korea — and not in favor abdikalykova patriotism.

© AP Photo / KRT via AP VideoЛидер of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN congratulates the citizens of the DPRK New year on Central television of North Korea. 1 January 2018North Korea — South Korea: unite, if run USA© AP Photo / KRT via AP VideoЛидер of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN congratulates the citizens of the DPRK New year on Central television of North Korea. January 1, 2018
«Public opinion in the South is split, with opponents of unity and just the skeptics more and more. A lot of them among youth and people of Mature age. Family ties with the northerners in these generations is weakened. In addition, in the South are accustomed to live comfortably and do not want to make sacrifices. The opponents of unification are looking for and find arguments: for example, I remember about Germany and Austria, countries where they speak the same language, but do not seek to create a unified state» — summarizes Vorontsov.

However, there is a strong incentive to unite the national pride South Koreans. Part of the political elite weary of too strong dependence on the United States, bordering the assignment of a share of sovereignty. For the South unite with the North is the path to the attainment of independence. Because then Washington will lose the opportunity to place their troops on the Korean Peninsula.