Saratov scientists have created a unique tool for the treatment of cancer

© Fotolia / s4svisualsВрачи during surgery. Archive photoSaratov scientists have created a unique tool for the treatment of cancer© Fotolia / s4svisuals

Scientists of Saratov state medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky has developed a unique tool for the treatment of cancer, said Friday the regional Ministry of industry and energy.

«Domestic antitumor agent of the new generation developed on the basis of flavonoid containing extract of gratiola able to force cancer cells to die «voluntarily», through apoptosis, without consequences for the organism as a whole», — is spoken in the message.

It explains that the gratiola is a poisonous herbaceous plant, widespread in Eurasia and North America, the independent use of which is harmful to health.

«Despite the fact that the main component of the extract is poisonous, the tool itself is due to a specially developed method of extraction proved to be non-toxic and safe in animal experiments, it does not lose its pharmacological properties,» — said the Ministry.

The Ministry said that the new drug can potentially have a wide application in practical medicine.

«Its introduction into clinical practice may allow fundamentally change the situation in the prevention and complex therapy of cancer, infectious diseases, in particular tuberculosis… the Cost of one unit of money (one gram) may be about 80 rubles. The dosage for each person is calculated individually, based on its weight,» — said in the message.

The staff of the University on their own tested means, and it has shown its effectiveness. At the moment, scientists are looking for an investor to begin formal preclinical and then clinical testing on the basis of one of the core specialized agencies, the Ministry added.Saratov scientists have created a unique tool for the treatment of cancer© RIA Novosti, Infografiken or cancer? Myths and facts about skin neoplasms