The expert told how to improve security in Russian schools

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in photobanks protection in the secondary school №210 in Novosibirsk. Archival photoThe expert told how to improve security in Russian schools© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

. Incidents bringing to school weapons can be avoided, if not to save money on school security and to carry out serious explanatory work with students, the Chairman of the all-Russian movement «For the real deal!» Anton Tsvetkov.

On Thursday the regional Directorate of the interior Ministry reported that on the morning of Thursday the student of the Samara school born in 2002 brought in the building of the school on the street of the Soviet Army air gun and smoke flares, which have scattered in the hallway. No one was injured, police checks. Advisor to the Director of Regardie Alexander Khinshtein told RIA Novosti that the school in which the incident occurred, is protected by the clipboard lady who not inspect students, the building has no panic button.

«Now who works at the school security guard? Those who are unable to find a better place. Paying serious people will not go. Besides they also work in shifts – stayed three weeks and new. No security in this case, it will not. It is necessary to raise wages to find good shots. For example, to hire FGUP «Protection» Regardie. More expensive, but better quality,» — told RIA Novosti Flowers.

According to him, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that today students do not respect their teachers and do not listen to their words.

«We need a range of measures to sensitize students to the consequences of such actions, their unlawfulness. It is necessary to raise the level of respect for teachers, to carry out psychological work with students to increase the level of training and involvement of employees of inspection on Affairs of minors. Only then will we be able to get rid of these incidents,» added Flowers.