The leader of «Night wolves» wanted «more to understand the world» after U.S. sanctions

© Photo : photo courtesy of the leader of the Russian club «Night wolves» the Surgeon (Alexander zaldostanov), Leader of the bike club Night wolves Alexander Zaldostanov, known as the Surgeon. Archive photoThe leader of «Night wolves» wanted «more to understand the world» after U.S. sanctions© Photo : photo courtesy of the leader of the Russian club «Night wolves» the Surgeon (Alexander zaldostanov)

The leader of the bike club «Night wolves» Alexander Zaldostanov («Surgeon») said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the introduction of in 2014 in the sanctions list of the United States «had no impact» on his life, and only caused «even greater desire to comprehend the world.»

Zaldostanov in 2014 among the other citizens of the Russian Federation was included in the sanctions list of the USA, which did not agree with Russia’s actions during the Ukrainian crisis. The constraints imply, in particular, the ban on entry into the United States and the blocking of assets and property. In 2017 the U.S. Congress adopted the law «On combating the enemies of America through sanctions.» According to the law, the Secretary of state, Minister of Finance and the Director of national intelligence have until the end of January 2018 to submit to the Congress a list of persons having close links with the Russian authorities, as well as to assess the prospects of imposing sanctions against the defendants in this list.

«My life is not affected, I don’t have there (in the US) Bank accounts and I am completely independent from them. Only affect a greater desire to understand the world, to understand what processes they move deeper to understand the issues of ideological format. Who controls the world and what do they want? What makes the era? Why the evil look good? Who is the standard? And so on,» — said Zaldostanov.

When asked prevent if he could somehow sanctions, the «Surgeon» said that they «interfere with travel the entire route roads of Victory to Berlin». «Night wolves» have repeatedly carried out on the territory of Europe motocross — action related to the victory over fascism. As a result, the number of participants, including the «Surgeon» was cancelled a Schengen visa.

«In his letter to the President of Republika Srpska (Milorad Dodik) I wrote that we will never forgive our beliefs and our values, but we know we’re coming, and we have a goal… I’m not making myself any illusions, but I will do all that (Barack) Obama and (former U.S. President), who personally signed the first sanctions list, remember me as long as possible», — said the leader of the bike club.

Speaking about plans for near future, Zaldostanov said that «the main idea and the main event in 2018 is yet to come». According to him, it is about the bike show «Night wolves» in Sevastopol, which will take place on August 17. «The culmination of our bike show we’ll call «Russian Dream» and want to address not only the country but around the world. Will still be traditional our route to Berlin — Victory Roads, the opening of the season, and more», — said the Agency interlocutor.